Brittany Sires
Buddy is our older sire. He has imported
French bloodlines blended with championship
American lines.
He produces excellent pups with a strong
hunting drive and great color.
Conrad is our younger male. He is just now
getting old enough to breed for us. We are very
excited to see some of his pups in the future.
He carries the Tri-colored gene.  
Brittany Dams
Suzie, I'm not sure there is anything she can't
learn to do. She housebroke in one day, and
I've heard back that some of her pups are just
as good.  
Caitlin and Crystal are  out of Suzie and
Buddy. We were so pleased with them that we
bought Conrad to go with them.
We are very excited to see some pups from
them in the future.
on picture
hope to get  really nice pups when bred