Available Puppies
The Puppy Page
Please click on links at left to view
try to take 360 degree pictures of
each pup.
If you wish to be placed on a new
litter notification list, just send us a
note below (be sure to let us know
which breed). When a new litter is
around 2 weeks old, we'll send you
an e-mail letting you know they are
here and the new puppy pics are
posted on the site for viewing. We
can only hold a puppy if a deposit is
Deposits can be placed using
PayPal if needed.
We take deposits on a first come,
first serve basis (example-below):

When the pups are 6 weeks old, we
will contact everyone who placed a
deposit (in order and usually by
e-mail and phone) that the puppies
are just about ready to go home and
will be setting up pickup and
delivery times.
If someone on the list backs out,
then they will forfeit their deposit
(no deposit will be refunded), and
the next person on the list will be
contacted for a time to pick out
their puppy.