Hello, my name is Jeremy.  I'm married
to a wonderful woman (Julia) and have
two great boys (Matthew and Jacob).  
Together we own and operate
HavenCrest GunDogs.  We are both
college graduates: I am an Electronic
Engineer and Julia is a R.N.

A lot of people ask how long we have
been in business.  It would be more
accurate to say that we took a brief
break from having dogs during our
college years, rather than how long
we've been in business.  I grew up in
Red Boiling Springs, Tn.  I can't ever
remember not having several dogs
around. I can also remember how it
was my chore to clean the kennels
every day and thinking that when I
grew up, I'd never own a kennel.  Well,
isn't it funny how things turn out.  My
father's family are avid sportsmen and
hunters.  I had my 1st Grand Show
Champion at age 12.  Her name was
Bonnie, and I'll always remember her
(my dad's house is still cluttered with
our trophies).
There isn't anything better than a good
dog, but there isn't anything worse
than a bad dog.
Our Brittanys have been here for a
long time, but a few years back, we
acquired my aunt's kennel after her
back injury. We've been sorting out
and building our kennel ever since.  My
local vet even joked -- "thought you
said you'd  never get back in the
family business"-- all I could do was
grin. Take your time and look around.  
We welcome the company.
We hope you enjoy your visit.
Family Picture 2/22/2009
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